Our products are the result of high research and development that gives core environment solutions to the agricultural sector. Agri Mat manufactures and supplies the agricultural solutions to almost 30 plus countries all over the world. Our all products, which mainly includes shade net, anti-insect net, crop covers and ground covers are designed and manufactured with great excellence and durability for applications in the agricultural world. These products provide the comprehensive environment solutions for the better crop growth.

We Provide The Best Agricultural & Environment Solutions

Agri Mat Anti-Insect Net

Anti-insect net is use as an alternative to insecticides to prevent harmful insects from entering greenhouses and transmitting viruses to crops.

Agri Mat Shade Net

Traditional shade nets, cut the light irradiation. But Agri Mat Shade Net is specially designed for long lasting use under high mechanical stress conditions due to abrasion on tensile structures.

Agri Mat Ground Cover

We produce strong and porous mulching fabrics in white and black color, used to prevent the growth of weeds. Thanks to the colored squares, they simplify a tidy arrangement of plants.

We Also Manufacture

Innovative crop covers for open field crop protection from insects, wind, frost and rain, birds and small animals. Thanks to its breathability, Agri Mat Crop Cover microclimatic screen provides a good gas exchange and creates a dry habitat.